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Clips from Last Night: Dan Rather on “one of the nastiest campaigns” of his lifetime; Cory Booker on the “silly season” of Congress

16 Aug

This is more than Nasty, it is un American and takes us back to a place with should have left.

Piers Morgan

On Wednesday, “Piers Morgan Tonight” welcomed Dan Rather to weigh in on the current climate of the presidential election. “It’s already one of the nastiest campaigns in my lifetime,” said Rather.

“Each of these campaigns is in a mode to be meaner than a mama wasp,” continued Rather. “My own personal opinion is that the public wants to hear more substance than it does the vitriolic, you know, he said, he said that accusations. But it’s not the kind of campaign we have.”

Newark Mayor Cory Booker also joined Piers Morgan on Wednesday and proposed that Congress is currently “in a silly season” where they are “doing nothing and where frankly people like [Paul] Ryan are part of the problem down in Congress.”

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